What my clients say...

Thank you Eric for your gentle way of listening, guiding, suggesting, and helping me to relax into myself. What you saw and what I see through your lens I’m in awe. Thank you dancing brother.

Randy Miller


Eric captures the essence of a human being. He can really see you and can tell when you're being authentic. He knows just what to say to make you feel comfortable or to take away your nerves or to get the fake smile off your face. I love the way my pictures turned out. They capture the person I want to be all the time. 

Laurenne Sala


Working with Eric was probably one of the cooler experiences I’ve had. He has a very nice balance between direction and conversations that really made the session interesting, engaging, and fun, erasing my apprehension of being a photographic subject. I have used these photos for all of my social media profiles as he managed to capture the true representation of me with a very high level of quality that seems to tell a story of who I am.

Tim Ramage


Three things strike me when looking at Eric's images and remembering our photoshoot together. First, he took the time to really SEE me and to capture various aspects of me in artful, thoughtful ways. Second, he wasn't afraid to try unusual approaches — I mean, who'd have ever thought of plopping an egg on my head? — that turned out wonderfully and made the session a true creative collaboration. Third, he wasn't afraid to get up close, and I think that fearlessness created an intimacy that comes through not only in my shots but in most of his portfolio: He really "got" me, and looking at the rest of the work, I believe he captures and conveys his subject's true character more clearly and accurately than any photographer I've ever met.

Colin Berry


Before I worked with you I was really nervous about having my picture taken. I didn't know how to pose or which angle was good for me, or really what to do at all. What happened was an experience that had nothing to do with any of those things. We began speaking about whatever was present for me like discomfort or vulnerability. You were present with me, and you'd pick up the camera and encourage me to go into the feelings, letting me know that I was safe. You used the camera as a tool in a way that I had never experienced before — to show me my beautiful, raw, humanness in the moment. I was touched by your tenderness, compassion, kindness and intuition as you guided me into my emotions and captured my essence in a photo. Sometimes you'd show me them, and we would talk about what was in my eyes in the photo, and sometimes we would just continue to talk and you snapped away. Working with you I was able to process unresolved issues in a very intimate and sacred way. Thank you, Eric! You're a gift.

Mary-Kate Proietta


Wow, there are so many nice shots! Thank you so much! 0463 is my choice for the book, what do you think? 1253 brings out my sensual side, it's intriguing … I haven't seen myself that way. You really have a gift to bring out something else, something special … I loved doing this work with you. Your holding for me was so precious, exactly what was needed! I really appreciated your patience, loving, calm peacefulness, yet courage and a gentle push! Thank you so much for a beautiful experience!

Faye Kovler


Each time I have been photographed by Eric, I have gone in with a lot of apprehension and self-judgments. Inevitably, Eric creates a safe space for me through his graciousness of time and energy. I appreciate that he takes the time to draw out my essence — my inner beauty — rather than simply focusing on the physical form in front of him. Eric's patience allows me to relax into the experience and be present and his feedback encourages me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. My time spent with Eric has been more about me connecting to my Authentic Self rather than achieving a great photo … although that is what comes forward!

Kanoe Wheeler


Being photographed by Eric was a fun and significant experience for me. I'm not one to enjoy being in front of a camera, but Eric made the environment safe, welcoming, and open. He creates and orchestrates the session not only outwardly, picking an area he feels interacts best with the person's essence and character, but also inwardly — gently leading one to settle into their authentic and true selves. That is the moment he captures, when the individual is just themselves.

Leah Jung


Working with Eric was such a pleasant surprise. Having never subjected ourselves to a “professional” photo-shoot, we had a lot of trepidation going into it. Not only did he make two very camera-shy people feel relaxed during the shoot, he was able to bring out another side of us that truly captured our relationship and love for each other. Our final collection of photographs reflect Eric’s relaxed demeanor and command of the camera. To this day people still comment on those photos and how Eric was able to capture the true joy and fun in our lives.

Adam and Mary Johnson


Working with Eric on my photo shoot was fun and easy! He made me comfortable by interacting with me the whole time. Loved the photos and I'm very happy with the outcome.

Gina Anastasi


Eric Weiss had a gentle way of guiding me to surrender to my inner most natural essence. I highly recommend working with him.

Laina Florio


Thank you for seeing my essence, I think you are great at bringing that out! I'm happy to see myself being in a different space! It’s quite an experience seeing myself in a whole new way. Very interesting that my internal process was captured on film!

Lyra Velayo